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Nature Technology Feature – Immunology

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May 24

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The immune system is staggeringly complex. To study its diverse cells, scientists have traditionally used flow cytometry, a method that tags specific cellular proteins using fluorescent antibodies. Over the past decade, a newer method called mass cytometry has emerged, which uses antibodies linked to heavy metal ions and mass spectrometry to analyze 5-10 times as many protein markers at once. More recently, scientists have turned to sequencing-based approaches to analyze a theoretically limitless number of protein markers, along with the entire set of expressed genes, simultaneously from single cells – not to mention the immune cell receptor repertoires themselves. Collectively these tools are helping scientists better understand how the immune system tackles cancer, tuberculosis and other diseases, by offering a deeper look at its composition.

This Technology Feature will cover:

  • Mass cytometry-based approaches to cell quantification and imaging
  • Sequencing-based approaches for single-cell mRNA and protein profiling
  • Specialized methods for analyzing B-cell and T-cell receptor repertoires

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