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Nature Methods Technology Feature – Sequencing

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Nature Methods
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Jul 18
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Aug 01

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Genomics: Nanopore sequencing

High-throughput sequencing has been a boon to genomics. Instrument makers have taken different approaches. For their analysis, labs want and need ‘long reads’ to come off the sequencer. A number of long-read technologies exist for such approaches, a few of which are disruptive to the current approaches used in many labs.

The research community has been working with the new technologies and the methods have matured such that they can be used for many applications. But although approaches have matured, but there is still much methods-oriented trouble-shooting ahead.

This Technology Feature will cover:

  • New types of applications for nanopore sequencing
  • Emerging instrument designs with long-read sequencing
  • Approaches to assess performance of these sequencers

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