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Nature Methods Technology Feature – Proteins

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Nature Methods
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Aug 22
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Sep 01

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Profiling RNA-binding proteins

When RNAs bind to proteins, many types of events ensue. RNA-binding proteins (RBPs), of which there are many in eukaryotic cells, play important regulatory roles in cellular processes as diverse as development, differentiation and disease. It’s not just mRNAs that associate with proteins but any number of the many noncoding RNA species do so as well.

Profiling RBPs is a crucial way labs are trying to interrogate the regulatory functions of this interactome, including the noncoding RNAs collaborating with proteins. On a larger scale, labs seek to capture this RNA interactome in many cells and under a variety of different conditions. Labs have numerous methods at their disposal with which to profile RBPs. Those can involve, for example, immunoprecipitation, chemistry-based methods, sequencing and mass spectrometry.

This Technology Feature will cover:

  • Experimental considerations for RNA interactome capture
  • Proteomics-based and RNA-focused techniques
  • Tackling signal-to-noise issues in RBP-profiling

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