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Nature Methods Technology Feature – Microscopy/Imaging

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Nature Methods
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Nov 19
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Dec 01

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Specialty probes for imaging at super-resolution

Fluorescent proteins and dyes are crucial tools in confocal microscopy and for imaging with super-resolution techniques. Specialty probes are needed to categorize events inside cells and for localizing single molecules.

These probes might be synthesized dyes or they can be engineered fluorescent proteins, for example photoactivatable or photoswitchable fluorescent proteins. To get these probes to work well is both an art and a science. Labs don’t just want probes to work well in vitro, they want them to be useful in living cells.

This Technology Feature will cover:

  • Engineering probes with desirable photophysical traits
  • Evaluating probes in the context of different imaging modalities
  • Future developments in live-cell super-resolution imaging

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