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Nature Methods Technology Feature – Microbiology

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Nature Methods
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Jun 17
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Jul 01

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Microbiology: Microbiome engineering

‘Omics technologies have greatly enabled researchers’ abilities to tally and identify microbes in a given location, be it in the human gut or in a patch of soil. In order to gain a greater understanding of microbiome functions, a number of labs explore microbial communities by modeling them and engineering them in targeted ways.

Some engineering strategies involve genetic manipulation and gene-editing strategies, such as the use of CRISPR-based techniques. Other approaches involve computational models, in vitro and in vivo experiments as well as work in the field. In each case, labs develop methods that help them build models to get closer to their specific microbiome-related research questions. Those questions can range from modeling the gut microbiome in health and disease to characterizing the dynamic changes in an ecosystem due to changes in a microbiome.

This Technology Feature will cover:

  • Tool development in microbiome engineering
  • In vitro approaches for exploring host-microbiome interactions
  • In vitro and field-based methods for exploring microbial ecology

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