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Nature Methods Technology Feature – Machine Learning

Booking Deadline May 16
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Nature Methods
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May 17
Machine Learning
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Jun 01

Don’t miss this opportunity to target an engaged audience interested in machine learning!

Machine learning: how practical is it?

Machines can be endowed with ‘artificial intelligence.’ Computers can process data quickly but with artificial intelligence-based techniques, they can also be taught to learn and to make predictions.

Deep learning, which is a kind of machine learning, allows computers to, for example, learn to discern a photo of a cat from a photo of a dog. Such techniques are now being applied across biomedicine, in image analysis, in drug discovery, in chemistry and in the analysis of the wealth of molecular and proteomic data in labs around the world.

This Technology Feature will cover:

  • Machine learning in imaging and applications
  • Machine learning-based approaches in genomics and proteomics
  • Practical considerations when applying machine learning

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