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Nature Methods Technology Feature – Cell Biology

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Nature Methods
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Jul 20
Cell Biology
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Aug 01

Don’t miss this opportunity to target an engaged audience interested in cell biology!

Cryo-electron tomography is increasingly a method cell biologists turn to for imaging the ultrastructural landscape of a cell. The sample might be bacteria, or archaeal or eukaryotic cells.  The technique involves plunge-freezing of samples followed by electron microscopy and 3D  image reconstruction from many individual shots.

With cryo-electron tomography, the resolution drops to several nanometers. The technique can reveal details about molecular machines or the motors propelling bacteria through their environments. Labs are working to optimize many aspects of this emerging approach to visualize cellular landscapes.

The technology feature will cover:

  • Sample prep in cryo-ET
  • Image analysis approaches in cryo-ET
  • Technological advances in cryo-ET

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