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Lab Animal Technology Feature – Organoids

Booking Deadline Jun 06
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Lab Animal
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Jun 07
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Jul 01

Don’t miss this opportunity to target an engaged audience interested in organoids!

Organoids: moving in vivo

Organoids are three-dimensional structures that are derived from human cells. Because they are multidimensional, they can better capture features of their original tissues, be it an organ or a tumor, and thus can be a step up from simple cell lines grown in flat dishes. Organoids can be complex, but they are still not as complex as a living body. To take organoids even further, many researchers are upping the complexity of the cues they receive by trying to transplant them in vivo.

Integrating an organoid into a living host comes with a suite of challenges—where and when to do the transplant? How to avoid a mouse rejecting cells derived from a human? But successful integration into a rodent host affords researchers the opportunity to ask more relevant questions about health and disease in a more appropriate biological context.

This Technology Feature Will Cover:

  • Organoids i n basic and preclinical research
  • Overcoming the challenges of implanting organoids into rodent hosts
  • Examples of applications for organoids transplanted in vivo

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