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Lab Animal Technology Feature – Large Animal Containment

Booking Deadline Sep 06
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Lab Animal
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Sep 09
Large Animal Containment
Publication Date:
Oct 01

Don’t miss this opportunity to target an engaged audience interested in large animal containment!

Working with large animal in contained environments

Health and welfare is a high priority for those who work with research animals. Some animals, however, require extra attention. Immunocompromised animals need to be kept protected from potential pathogens; gnotobiotic subjects, in order to maintain a defined microbiome, must not be exposed to unintended microbes; and those used to study infectious diseases need extra attention to keep those pathogens from escaping beyond the lab’s confines.

As the animals get bigger, the task of keeping them in contained facilities can get a bit more challenging but it remains an important consideration nonetheless.

This technology feature will cover:

  • Housing and care for immunodeficient and gnotobiotic pigs
  • Housing and care of livestock in a high containment facility
  • Research uses of large animals kept in high containment

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