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Lab Animal Technology Feature – Intellectual property & mouse models

Booking Deadline Apr 05
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Lab Animal
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Apr 08
Intellectual Property & Mouse Models
Publication Date:
May 01

Don’t miss this opportunity to target an engaged audience interested in intellectual property & mouse models!

Intellectual property & mouse models

Mouse models are valuable assets to the institution that develops them. Therefore, it’s important for model developers to protect the intellectual property (IP) that surrounds their animals. Distribution agreements vary depending on whether the parties involved are non-profit or commercial entities. To the unfamiliar, navigating intellectual property and distribution agreements can be tricky, and the landscape is only becoming more complicated as genetic editing techniques advance the ease and speed with which new mouse models can be developed. What are some of the basics, and what’s changing?

This Technology Feature Will Cover:

  • IP and different distribution agreements for mouse models
  • How technologies like CRISPR are changing the IP landscape
  • Resources for developing and distributing mouse models

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