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Lab Animal Technology Feature – Home Cages

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Lab Animal
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Sep 13
Home Cages
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Oct 01

Don’t miss this opportunity to target an engaged audience interested in home cages!

Home Cages: Automating Tasks & Recording

Conducting research from the comfort of a rodent’s home cage can help scientists avoid confounding complications associated with handling their subjects and forcing them to perform a specific task, even if they don’t feel up to it. Unnecessary stress can be avoided with the right automated system, and because the animals can engage with the task 24/7, they can be trained and recorded continuously. That can make data collection from tasks that used to require labor-intensive manual work, like moving animals to an operant conditioning chamber for testing trials or head-fixing them for brain imaging, much higher throughput too.

This Technology Feature Will Cover:

  • Why researchers are moving their experiments to the home cage
  • Do-it-yourself approaches and commercial systems
  • Training considerations for the animals

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