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Lab Animal Technology Feature – Cancer

Booking Deadline Feb 05
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Lab Animal
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Feb 06
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Mar 01

Don’t miss this opportunity to target an engaged audience interested in cancer!

Cancer: Porcine Models

The pig may be legally defined as food according to the US Food and Drug Administration, but it’s no stranger to biomedical research. Pigs have long been valued by researchers and clinicians for their anatomical and physiological similarity to humans. Surgeons will often train with the animals, companies will test drugs and devices, and researchers hope that organs grown in pigs might one day be used for xenotransplantation into waiting human patients.

With advances in genetic engineering, pigs are also becoming valuable models for diseases, like cancer. As cancer drugs, treatments, and diagnostics move from bench to bedside, the pig is an emerging large animal option to test those developments in an organism that more closely resembles a human than rodents.

This Technology Feature Will Cover:

  • The pig and its emergence as a large animal model of cancer
  • The pig’s translational value for understanding cancer and developing treatments and diagnostic tools
  • Technical and husbandry considerations for working with the pigs as lab animals

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