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Lab Animal Technology Feature – Animal Models

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Lab Animal
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Aug 15
Animal Models
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Sep 01

Don’t miss this opportunity to advertise in this feature focused on animal models!

What animal a researcher chooses to work with can depend on both the scientific questions they want to ask and the ease of raising and working with that animal in the lab. There are a number of well-established species that feature frequently in lab-based studies, but the traditional models represent a small fraction of the overall diversity in the animal kingdom. At the “edge” of the kingdom are three phyla—ctenophores, sponges, and placozoans—that are making their way out of their marine habitats and into the lab as emerging model animals that can help researchers better understand biology and think about solutions to life’s puzzles in novel ways.

This Technology Feature will cover:

  • Information about the biology of ctenophores, sponges, and placozoans
  • The scientific topics researchers are using these novel aquatic animals to study
  • The husbandry and technical considerations for establishing and working with these non-traditional species in the lab

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