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Nature Research Academies – Scientific Communication
Nature Research Academies – Scientific Communication

Nature Research Academies – Scientific Communication

Newly available from Nature Research Academies: workshops in Scientific Communication. Nature Research Academies is a series of researcher workshops developed by Nature Research.

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New academy in Scientific Communication

It is becoming increasingly important for researchers to communicate their research to a broader audience, such as the public, the press and funding organizations. However, communicating complex specialized findings in an understandable manner is challenging.

Nature Research Academies has developed a new academy in Scientific Communication to give researchers the foundations to communicate their work, as well as the platforms they should be using to do so.

  • 1-day workshops
  • Available to institutions globally, to host on-site
  • Presented by an expert trainer from Nature Research, with content and workbooks reviewed by a team of Nature Research editors
  • For up to 250 researchers at all levels, from mixed disciplines or tailored to a specific discipline: life sciences, physical sciences, clinical research, or social sciences

Feedback from participants

“This type of workshop is exactly what scientists need to be able to communicate.”

“It was a wonderful workshop with a lot of useful information and clearly presented.”

“Very useful course with an amazing lecturer who keeps your attention from the first minute to the last moment.”

Academy content

  • The importance of communicating science to the public
    • Common misconceptions by the public
    • How companies manipulate scientific findings to improve their revenue
    • Important case studies and their societal impact
  • Communicating your research effectively to the public
    • What does the public need to know about your research?
    • Describing your key findings in an easy-to-understand manner
    • Highlighting the impact of your research for society
  • Effective writing strategies
    • Logical structure and flow
    • Improving readability for a broad audience
    • Avoiding ambiguity with the public
  • Platforms for communicating science to the public
    • Social media
    • Blogs and Wikipedia
    • Press releases and news stories

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