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Nature Research Academies – Bioethics
Nature Research Academies – Bioethics

Nature Research Academies – Bioethics

Available from Nature Research Academies: workshops in Bioethics. Nature Research Academies is a series of training workshops for researchers, developed by Nature Research.

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Academy in Bioethics

Involving humans in experimental research is essential to advance science and drug discovery. As more and more clinical trials are conducted in developing countries, protecting the rights and welfare of vulnerable participants is essential but also necessary to avoid desktop rejection, retraction and poor reputation.

Nature Research Academies has developed this 1-day interactive workshop for clinical researchers to explain how to ethically conduct research with human participants.

  • 1-day workshops
  • Available to institutions globally, to host on-site
  • For up to 50 clinical researchers

Academy content

  • History of bioethics
    • Unethical human experimentation
    • The Doctors’ trial and the Nuremberg Code
    • International ethical guidelines
  • Research Ethics Committees (REC)
    • Roles of Research Ethics Committees
    • Evaluating risks and benefits
    • Problems with lack of REC approval
  • Free informed consent
    • Involving the community in developing countries
    • Who can consent?
    • Communicating all information
    • Inducement to participate
  • Standards of care
    • Choosing the right control
    • Universal standard of care
    • Non-universal standard of care
  • Post-trial provisions
    • What happens when research is over?
    • Access to treatment
    • Publish all results from clinical trials

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