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Nature Research Academies – Applying for Research Positions
Nature Research Academies – Applying for Research Positions

Nature Research Academies – Applying for Research Positions

Newly available from Nature Research Academies: workshops in Applying for Research Positions. Nature Research Academies is a series of researcher workshops developed by Nature Research.

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New academy in Applying for Research Positions

This workshop is available to be delivered face-to-face or virtually.

Finding the most appropriate research position for graduating students and post-docs can be a formidable task, and one that will further shape the researcher’s career. Therefore, this pivotal transition step needs to be done carefully and thoughtfully.

Nature Research Academies has developed a new academy in ‘Applying for Research Positions’ to give researchers the necessary skills to find and secure the right research position for the next step in their careers.

  • 1-day workshops
  • Available to institutions globally
  • Presented by an expert trainer from Nature Research, with content approved by Nature Careers
  • For up to 100 graduate students and post-docs

“The guideline for CVs, especially formatting, was very useful information for me.
Also, the job talk session was well organized with a lot of helpful comments.”

“All the information was extremely useful, not only for job interviews, but also how to give academic presentations and networking for your research.”

“I was happy with the specific technique for writing CVs and cover letters, and how to prepare presentations. It was a nice workshop.”

Academy content

  • Finding job opportunities
    • Discusses avenues students can explore to find potential job opportunities
    • Discusses the importance of staying up-to-date in the literature to identify trends and interesting research topics/groups
    • Reviews the importance of networking at conferences to make connections and obtain recognition in the field
    • Discusses using academic career databases, to identify opportunities and familiarize yourself with regional trends
  • Contacting the employer
    • Discusses obtaining background information on the research group to better understand what they are looking for
    • Discusses how to write an impactful CV and cover letter that discusses your expertise and its alignment with the research group’s goals
    • Explores general guidelines for communicating over email with the potential employer
  • Successful interviews
    • Discusses how to logically organize a presentation that clearly guides the audience through your research
    • Discusses how to emphasize the value your experience and skills will have to help the research group or department reach its objectives
    • Covers handing questions with the interviewer(s) and what questions you should be asking during the interview
  • Next steps
    • Discusses how to follow up with the employer after the interview politely and professionally
    • Reviews negotiating contracts and how to do this effectively
    • Covers tips and advice for making the move and comfortably settling into your new position

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