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Manuscript Services from American Journal Experts (AJE)
Manuscript Services from American Journal Experts (AJE)
Researcher Services

Manuscript Services from American Journal Experts (AJE)

Researcher Services

Manuscript and figure formatting, translation, video abstracts, poster preparation and journal recommendation – provided by American Journal Experts (AJE).

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Nature Research has partnered with American Journal Experts (AJE) to offer a suite of services that cover a range of manuscript needs, including:

AJE Manuscript formatting

This service formats manuscripts to conform to a specified journal’s formatting guidelines – giving researchers more time to devote to their research.

The service includes: modifying the page layout, text formatting, headings, title page, image placement, and citations/references to ensure agreement with the guidelines and word count restrictions of a target journal.

AJE Academic Translation

This service translates academic documents into English from Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Documents are matched with translators who are experts in the field, who can accurately translate field-specific terms. Post translation, the document is sent for AJE language editing to ensure it sounds natural in English.

AJE Figure Services

This service formats figures to meet the specifications of a chosen journal and creates custom illustrations.

Figure formatting adjusts resolution, color space, font, scale, and line weights, while optimizing the readability and professional appearance of figures.

Custom illustrations generates original illustrations based on sketches, redraws low- resolution diagrams and flowcharts, and creates graphs from data tables.

AJE Video Abstracts

This service creates short animated videos to communicate the key findings of papers to a varied audience – from colleagues and potential collaborators, to funders and members of the general public.

As well as the animated video, researchers receive a PowerPoint deck of the video images for presentations, and a checklist with tips and resources to help maximize the video’s reach.

video abstract

AJE Poster Preparation

This service creates clear and attractive posters, helping researchers to save time and focus on their presentation.

The service includes editing the poster text to ensure that the content is clear and error-free, and turning figures, tables, and images into high-resolution, journal-quality panels.

AJE Journal Recommendation

This service helps researchers select the most appropriate journal for their article based on topic, scope, impact, and your specific publishing goals.

The service provides a detailed report on 3-5 journals that are well matched to the article’s findings. The report features the following for each recommended journal:

  • Journal scope
  • Journal impact factor
  • Article types accepted by the journal
  • A list of similar articles published by the journal
  • How well your paper adheres to the journal guidelines
  • Geographic focus of the journal
  • Link to the journal website
  • Rationale for including the journal in the report
  • How well the journal adheres to your requirements

This list can be used as a guide to help researchers choose the best journal for their manuscript.

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