Keeping your researchers engaged in a time of change

Nature Research takes its training programs online for distanced researchers.

In-person training has long been central to the way institutions hone the skills and knowledge of their beginning to mid-career researchers — and it’s among the best practices that have been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

From lab directors to heads of research and librarians, leaders of research institutions rely on training to support the rising stars in their labs.

The pandemic has created new obstacles to networking, learning and collaboration, and it’s made communicating their science and sharing their data even more essential to researchers’ careers.

Training provides researchers with the tools they need to share their research effectively and drive funding, and it’s been sorely challenged by social distancing.

Nature Research has responded swiftly to the challenges posed by COVID-19. The prestigious Nature Masterclasses and Nature Research Academies have moved to an entirely virtual delivery in the form of interactive online webinars, allowing participants to continue to benefit from the world-leading expertise and experience of Nature editors.

Additionally, Nature Masterclasses on-demand training platform has launched two new interactive courses.

What’s available now:

Nature Masterclasses

Researcher training

These small, customized workshops offer researchers an opportunity to learn from Nature Research journal editors, experienced researchers, funders and science professionals.

The classes teach techniques and strategies to help researchers develop their skills, confidence and careers. Besides one-on-one interaction with editors, Nature Masterclasses feature learning activities and videos.

The new virtual option for Nature Masterclasses provides all the collateral in PDF format, and each session is recorded so participants can revisit the content afterwards.  Each participant has one-on-one time with a Nature Research editor who has reviewed their work in advance and will provide feedback in a personal online session.

Nature Academies

These one- or two-day workshops are aimed at larger groups and feature one presenter focused on areas of study that include Physical Sciences, Life Sciences and Natural Sciences.

Topics include a range of career-building practices, from “Getting Published” to “Applying for Research Positions” to “Communicating Your Science to the Public.”

Nature Research is now offering online versions of its Academies.

On-demand training from Nature Masterclasses

To meet the needs of researchers on their own schedules, Nature Research offers labs, departments or institutions on-demand e-learning courses, including a free course about the peer-review process. New courses include Managing Research Data to Unlock its full Potential and Narrative Tools for Researchers.

These flexible online training resources comprise five to 15 modules of content, including text, graphics, videos and interactive activities. Like in-person Masterclasses, the content of these self-guided courses draws on insights from Nature Research editors as well as active researchers and academics.


COVID-19 has created profound changes in the way researchers work, network, collaborate and communicate their science.

Training remains essential, and it doesn’t need to stop because of social distancing. Via virtual events and self-guided learning modules, Nature Research will keep isolated participants engaged.

For an example of long-distance training during the COVID-19 pandemic, read how Nature Masterclasses webinars provided The Faraday Institution (TFI) with virtual workshops to train the battery research community in scientific writing and publishing.

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