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Nature Methods Technology Feature – Tools and reagents

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Nature Methods
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Tools and reagents
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Apr 01

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Tools and reagents: Chromatin-immunoprecipitation

By using chromatin-immunoprecipitation (IP) which is crosslinking, ‘pull-down’ with antibodies followed by sequencing (ChIP-seq), labs can explore gene function. They might use other related methods such as DNA immunoprecipitation plus sequencing (DIP-seq) to leverage the ‘pull-down’ of immunoprecipitation to profile DNA modifications.

When using such techniques, much experimental troubleshooting is needed to obtain robust, reproducible results. Many artifacts need to be excluded that can make data difficult, and sometimes, impossible to interpret.

This Technology Feature will cover:

  • Avoiding artifacts with ChiP-seq, DIP-seq and related methods
  • Experimental design for IP-experiments
  • Validation approaches for using immunoprecipitation

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